Life happens

“Life is what happens when you aren’t looking”. Or something like that. I seem to have set out to do 30 posts in November. It now also seems to be 22 November, and this is the third post I am writing (not counting the half written one). I wonder if I can write the remaining posts in the eight days I have left of the month? I suppose I could try….

So what have I done this month?

I have set myself the target of writing ten thousand words a month, not as part of NaNo or anything else, but because I want to get into the habit of writing regularly. Instead of writing blog posts, I ended up being sidetracked by my current writing project, which I’m enjoying very much. Unfortunately it also means I have been neglecting the blogging project. I would like to say that I’m going to make up for it, but since I’ve already been sidetracked once, I’m not going to promise anything. But I can try, right?

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