A semi-new obsession: Bullet Journals

I’m not entirely new to Bullet Journals. I started my first in April 2016, and after filling that one (it took longer than I expected) I’m now on my second notebook. I decided that I wasn’t going to follow any kind of annual setup, because that would be restricting. It also meant I either had to wait for the start of the year, or at least the academic year, to start a new one. Or I would have to abandon a notebook that wasn’t filled. I didn’t like those options, so my first notebook goes from April 2016 to end of July 2017. As it turned out, starting a new journal from the start of August 2017 was a very good feeling, on a personal level (my hubby had his long-awaited spinal surgery on 31 July 2017).

I’ve always struggled with the usual calendar format, trying to shift between week-per-page to day-per-page and everything else, and never quite found anything that suits. The nature of a Bullet Journal (often referred to as BuJo) means that it also acts like a general notebook and brain dump, and anything else I want to use it for. I’m well and truly hooked, though it’s an obsession that has built slowly. (Ask me about pens and washi tape at your peril).

The original bullet journal setup can be found at the website of the guy who created it, Ryder Carroll.
That site is pretty much where I started my own research, but I can’t remember what prompted me to go there in the first place – it might have been an ad on Facebook (Facebook is clearly responsible for a lot, especially my growing mountain of washi tapes!).

Why haven’t I written about Bullet Journals before now? Partly because I’ve been slowly getting more into it, but also because through the groups I’m part of, and the sites and images I see, I’ve started getting uncomfortable about the people who make their BuJo into a handmade calendar – they seem to plan out the year in advance, making it oh so pretty, but taking away from the versatility that I love. I feel uncomfortable about that, like I should be doing it myself. I’m sure I could – maybe not as pretty as some people do, but passable at least – but that’s not what my journal is for. Today, I came across a blogger that writes very well about exactly this, and I want to share that.

Here it is: The Bullet Journal – The Perfect System for Imperfect People

In the end, your BuJo is yours, and it is what you want it to be, but it was still nice to read this post.

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